Just So

Production History

THE DINGO DIDN’T LOOK TO ME IN SUCH GOOD SHAPEJust So was produced by Cameron Mackintosh at the Watermill and Tricycle theatres in England, as well as at the Goodspeed Opera House and North Shore Music Theatre in the USA.

It was later staged at the Chichester Festival where the cast recording was produced.

Just So draws on the creative imagination of Rudyard Kipling, who used to make up stories to tell to his young daughter on their long sea voyages from Southampton, England, to South Africa.

These stories often involved some of the animals that they were familiar with from their time spent in both Africa and India.

FEET, CLAWS, OR PAWS, OR TROTTERSAs is so common with young children, repetition is a favourite part of the story-telling process - and Kipling's daughter was no exception.

The trouble was that sometimes Kipling would forget a certain detail in the retelling of a story, but his little girl was quick to point out the error and say

"No, tell it just so,
it has to be just so"

Hence the collection of 12 short stories were published as The Just So Stories.

Just So